Environmental Musings

Welcome to my webpage! This is a little site designed to educate people on various environmental issues. So far I have only done two, but hopefully this will change in the future.

My first project was comparing the energy costs of air conditioning to the energy costs of fans. I took 2010 temperature data and what I figured was the average household usage for air conditioners and fans and combined this data to come up with how much it costs to run your air conditioning or fan.

My second was about the Concord bottle ban. I started by doing some research online. After that, I wanted to get the opinion of the public. I went out and interviewed 30 Concord pedestrians. In this article I talk about the arguments used by both sides and I also mention alternatives to bottled water.

My first project

My second project

A little about me

I live in Arlington, Massachusetts. I am (at the time of this writing) 12 years old. I go the Fenn School in Concord Massachusetts. My dad's homepage can be found here and mine here.

I made this website because I was wanting something to do over the summer. I was interested in learning about various environmental issues, so I decided to make this. I hope to learn about the debates and issues that surround daily life,and maybe you will be interested in them too.


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